STORM Semantization triplestore Multilanguage for the manangement and diffusion of digitalized cultural collections

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Many collections about Arab art and culture in Europe are not being managed and therefore introduced to the public because no relevant tools are available to suitably manage those collections. The lack of repositories addressing issues such as transliteration or disambiguation is often an obstacle for researchers and curators. An ancient monument in Cairo, Egypt is described by one name in Arab, but exists under various names and different spellings in French and English. This shows how difficult it can be for a researcher to find accurate and comprehensive information on Arab art and culture throughout the Internet.

The Storm project has been created to implement a multilingual triplestore for the management and diffusion of digitalized cultural collections in Arab, English and French and by doing so, to create a cultural open data solution based on semantic web technologies (RDF and SparQL).

The project is being led by Armadillo with the support of three partners:

  • the ELLIADD laboratory of the Université de Franche-Comté (Nooj creator)
  • the InVisu laboratory. InVisu comes from a partnership between the CNRS and the Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art.  InVisu specializes in visual and textual information in the History of Art. The research is oriented towards digital tools and how they may help develop knowledge and expand the spectrum of the History of Art.
  • Ebiz Production, a web agency and Content Management Framework expert with a great experience in multilingual websites, especially in Arab.

Armadillo provides a database technology and multilingual semantization tools. Armadillo products include a NoSQL technology, a SparQL search engine, OWL/RDFS repositories and ontology (SKOS, LOM, etc.) management.

Prestigious cultural institutions have joined the project to provide their corpus to the triplestore: The département des arts de l’Islam du musée du Louvre, the Institut du monde arabe, the Institut français, the Centre national de documentation pédagogiquemusée des Civilisations de l’Europe et de la MéditerranéeRadio France internationale and the Centre français d’études éthiopiennes.

The idea is to use repositories from all these institutions (authority lists: monuments, locations, concepts, etc.) to create homogenous repositories in three languages (Arab, English and French) described by a semantic web ontology (SKOS). The project aims at offering a tool giving the opportunity to face transliteration and semantization issues with the support of the linguistic environment provided by Nooj and the InVisu expertise on Islamic Art.

This tool will be available through an open source CMS implemented by Ebiz Production based on the Armadillo triplestore.