GDRI « Modern Architecture in Mediterranean area » (2006-2009)

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Presentation of GDRI tools 

GDRI/GDRE (International Research Group/European Research Groups) are tools of cooperation specifcs to the CNRS destined to allow the constitution of thematic consortiums for four years duration in order to publish, improve researchers an research cooperation and collaboration. This tool aims to obtain contacts registered in the constitution of European Research Area, thus 7th PCRD (FP7) or other dedicated cooperation programs. This is a integration and federation on research initiatives lead at a national level and also a towards projects funded by the European Commission.  

Projet initial du GDRI A2M

The action of the International Research group " Modern Architecture in Mediterranean" was to improve the scientific, document management, multilateral and interdisciplinary exchanges of the "Architecture, urbanism, and heritage of 19th and 20th centuries Mediterranean, from Morocco to Turkey" field. The action intended to study the analysis of architecture in local context, acknowledging the flows and circulations in the area (people; techniques, doctrines) before, during and after the colonial ara. 

The activities planned during the creation of GDRI A2M in 2006 were defined around four main subjects: 

  • Monographs of architects
  • Historical studies of urban areas
  • Aesthetics and forms
  • Sources processing 
  • Patrimonial actuality  

Partners of the project: 

 Actions of the program: 

6 workshops organised  :

  •  « Arq-déco », les 9 et 10 octobre 2006, Melilla. 
  •  « Documenter et protéger les architectures modernes en Méditerranée », april 17 2007, Algiers.
  •  « L’isthme de Suez : un espace inventé aux confins de l’Egypte », april 18 2008,Paris.
  •  « Le concours pour le Musée des Antiquités du Caire en 1894 », november 12 2007, Cairo, 
  •  « Cinémas Art Déco » april, 27 2008, Málaga, 
  •  « Architectures du tourisme sur le littoral méditerranéen (1950-1970) » november 20, 2009, Athenes.

International Symposiums organised: 

  • « Les orientalismes en architecture à l’épreuve des savoirs », Paris, may 4 & 5, 2006 ; 
  •  « The Presence of Italian Architects in Mediterranean countries », Alexandrie, november 15 & 16  2007.

Books published : 

  •  Antonio Bravo Nieto (ed.), Arquitecturas Art Déco en el Mediterráneo, Barcelona : Bellaterra, 2008. (French-Spanish bilingual edition) 
  •  Ezio Godoli (dir.) Architetti italiani per la Siria e il Libano nel Ventesimo Secolo, Florence : Maschietto, 2008. 
  •  Ezio Godoli (ed.), The Presence of Italian Architects in Mediterranean countries, Florence : Maschietto, 2008 (Archives of Italian Architecture Overseas) (english, french, Italian). 
  •  Ezio Godoli et Milva Giacomelli, Architetti e ingegneri italiani in Egitto dal Diciannovesimo al ventunesimo secolo/Italian Architects and Engineers in Egypt from the Nineteenth to Twentyfirst Century, Florence : Maschietto, 2008. 
  •  Nabila Oulebsir et Mercedes Volait (dir.), L’orientalisme architectural, entre imaginaires et savoirs, Paris : Picard, CNRS-Invisu, 2009 (D’une rive l’autre). 
  • Claudine Piaton (dir.), Ismaïlia. Architectures XIXe-XXe siècles, Le Caire : IFAO, 2009. 
  •  Ezio Godoli et Anna Nuzzaci, L’Associazione Nazionale per soccorrere i Missionari Italiani (ANSMI) e i suoi Ingegneri, Florence : Maschietto, 2009.